HOLYWHAT is hand finished streetwear from Germany inspired by California. Limited edition clothes with an outstanding quality. Our designs combine the darkness of our creative minds with the sunshine of the Golden State. This is what we call "brightest darkness". Become a part of the HLYWHT family.


HOLYWHAT is inspired by Los Angeles. There is no other city where sunshine and darkness are this close. 

Big influences are skateboarding, tattoos, music, car culture and everything between love and death.


HOLYWHAT supports exhausting lifestyles! We know how hard it is to push your limits every day. We try to make you feel comfortable and looking stylish in your daily fight. So go out and beat that handrail, win that fight or rock that crowd! 

Become a part of the family.

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Get a look behind the scenes of MAYO's TATTOO and HOLYWHAT shop in Calw!

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